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Deep Creek Lake

Deep Creek Lake was created in 1925 to fulfill a need for electric power in sparsely populated Garrett County, Maryland. Deep Creek Lake sits at an average altitude of 2,468 feet and covers an area of approximately 3,900 acres. The lake is about 13 miles long with 65+ miles of shoreline. The lake is managed by the Maryland State Department of Natural Resources. It continues to generate electricity. In addition, it provides water for snow making to Wisp Resort. The summertime lake water levels are maintained to accommodate a wide variety of recreational activities including boating and fishing.

Located 180 miles from Baltimore and 174 miles from Washington, DC, Deep Creek is approximately a 3 hour drive from most Baltimore/Washington metropolitan areas and 2 hours from Pittsburgh, PA.

Four Seasons:
Deep Creek Lake truly has something to offer everyone! There are wonderful activities to do all year long.


Pic of Summer at Deep Creek Lake

It's Summer at Deep Creek Lake

Summer days are mild with temperatures reaching a pleasant low 70′s to mid 80′s. Summer nights are comfortably cool in the 50′s and 60′s.
There are a multitude of activities available on the lake: kayaking, boating, water skiing, and swimming. Or, how about white water rafting, mountain biking, or hiking.


Pic of Fall at Deep Creek Lake

Fall is beautiful at Deep Creek Lake

Crisp autumn days witness brilliant foliage throughout October. Grab a jacket, you’ll need it. The first frost usually appears around October 1st and first snow around the end of October. The State Parks are a great place to be at this time of year.


Pic of winter at Deep Creek Lake

It's winter at Deep Creek Lake!

Old man winter arrives early, stays late, and usually leaves behind 100 to 200 inches of snow. The lake will freeze to 18 inches and the frigid temperatures allow extensive ski-area snowmaking. Ice fishing is big at Deep Creek Lake.

Alpine skiing often begins in November and continues until mid-March and sometimes into April. Cross-Country skiing is at its best just after any of the 15 to 20 annual snowfalls.

Venture out in snow shoes or enjoy down hill skiing or tubing at the Wisp Ski Resort. You can rent snow mobiles for a great afternoon.


Pic of Spring at Deep Creek Lake

Spring has sprung at Deep Creek Lake

Spring is sugar season. All the local maple syrup producers are busy. Check out the maple syrup festival.

The Lifestyle:
The attitude and lifestyle shared by the many full-time inhabitants of the Lake is laid back. Jon loves the lifestyle of the lake and it’s the reason he continues to make the Lake his home. Jon feels that Deep Creek Lake and WISP sell themselves. He simply ask his clients where they would like to be and works to find them the best deal possible.

Deep Creek continues to be a good investment. The state of Maryland actively supports efforts to make Deep Creek Lake one of the most popular destinations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Deep Creek Lake truly is a four season resort and has something to offer everyone!


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Deep Creek Lake Background: Jon Bell, has been selling real estate in the Deep Creek Lake area of Garrett County, MD for years. A full-time Real Estate Professional associated with Railey Realty, Jon has been ranked the # 1 Realtor for the past three years. Totaling $20 +/- million in sales each year, Jon is dedicated and focused. Jon came to Deep Creek Lake from Baltimore because he enjoys water skiing, wake boarding, and snowboarding. Jon understands why other people come to Deep Creek Lake. It's a fantastic area with so much to do, add white water rafting, mountain biking, and antiquing are just a few activities to add to the list! Philosophy: Jon enjoys giving people a chance to enjoy the most pristine mountain setting in western Maryland and some of the most majestic properties anywhere. Jon and his family build relationships. He looks at every transaction as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Jon's philosophy is simple: “When I sell a property, I'm also meeting a new neighbor.”
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