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Why Buy with a DCL Agent

New homes and properties come on the market every day in the Deep Creek Lake and surrounding areas. A Buyer needs to know where listed properties are. A Buyer needs to know information about the developments these homes and properties are listed in.

Buyers need to know which homes or properties match their criteria – being able to identify and target only those homes and properties and eliminating the rest from the search saves time.

A Buyer also needs to know how to negotiate for that home or property. The negotiation process can be tricky and getting the best price is crucial.

The Buying process is complicated. Most Buyers will not know or qualify as an expert in all the areas above. That is why a Buyer really needs a qualified, knowledgeable Real Estate Agent. As a Buyer Agent, I provide the expert knowledge and experience to guide you through the process to realize your dream of owning a home or property in Deep Creek Lake.

6 Reasons to Work with a Deep Creek Lake Agent:

    1. Have access to all the listings
    As a Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Agent, I have access to all the listings contained in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and through Railey Realty. In addition, I have a huge network. I’m aware of homes and properties that aren’t even on the market yet! I can make you aware of these listings as well.
    2. Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Search
    I have some of the best tools available at my fingertips. I can search for homes and properties utilizing a Railey Realty proprietary search allowing for very specific criteria.
    3. Knowledge: Know all the facts on properties available
    I know information about developments, homes, and properties that isn’t published.
    4. Negotiate with the help of a Real Estate Professional
    Negotiating is probably the toughest part of the real estate process. I am an expert negotiator and pride myself on getting the best deal for my customer.
    5. Finance your home faster
    As your Real Estate Agent, I can provide you with knowledgeable, dedicated financing professionals to get you qualified faster.
    6. Make a solid investment
    As your Real Estate Agent, I ensure that the home or property price is consistent with the market. I ensure that agreed upon work is done. These efforts ensure that you make a solid investment in Deep Creek Lake.

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Deep Creek Lake Background: Jon Bell, has been selling real estate in the Deep Creek Lake area of Garrett County, MD for years. A full-time Real Estate Professional associated with Railey Realty, Jon has been ranked the # 1 Realtor for the past three years. Totaling $20 +/- million in sales each year, Jon is dedicated and focused. Jon came to Deep Creek Lake from Baltimore because he enjoys water skiing, wake boarding, and snowboarding. Jon understands why other people come to Deep Creek Lake. It's a fantastic area with so much to do, add white water rafting, mountain biking, and antiquing are just a few activities to add to the list! Philosophy: Jon enjoys giving people a chance to enjoy the most pristine mountain setting in western Maryland and some of the most majestic properties anywhere. Jon and his family build relationships. He looks at every transaction as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Jon's philosophy is simple: “When I sell a property, I'm also meeting a new neighbor.”
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